Thursday, 12 November 2015

Supernatural 'Our Little World' Review

After a slow monster of the week episode last week it's time to dip back into the main story for season 11, The Darkness.  This week we're not only treated to yet an older, and much better acted, version of The Darkness, but also receive some serious information on who she is and where the season might be heading.

After finally 'coming off the bench' Castiel is back in the field and tracking down Metatron, who has taken some tips from Jake Gyllenhaal in 'Nightcrawler' and has become a headline hunting sleazy reporter.  This feels like a very natural progression for the character, he's obsessed with stories and he's a dirtbag, so I can very easily believe that he's that kind of despicable human.  It's even kind of pathetic that someone who was such a powerful threat just a few seasons ago has fallen so far.

It's Metatron that gives one of the biggest revelations this episode, The Darkness isn't just some kind of pre-biblical 'evil' entity that God defeated.  She's his sister, who he betrayed in order to bring creation into being.  This not only ups the ante, giving us a villain more powerful than every big bad the show has had put together, but also raised some interesting questions, such as, is The Darkness evil?

Okay, she's feeding on souls to gain strength and that's definitely bad, but she wasn't some rampaging monster before God got rid of her (as far as we now know), but someone he 'betrayed'.  It's very possible that she was just as kind and benevolent as God before he turned on her.

Whatever her past, I'm sure she's not going to end up as some kind of misunderstood hero, she's definitely the villain, but it at least gives us something more than just a black and white, good and evil dichotomy, but some more depth.

Elsewhere in the episode Sam and Dean finally come face to face with Amara, and it doesn't go well.  Breaking free of Crowley's 'protection' Amara's now out on her own, and it would appear that she definitely holds some kind of sway over Dean.  Given multiple chances to try and attack her Dean was left unable to bring himself to do so, at least until Amara put Sam in danger.
How this will play out is anyone's guess, whether it just means that Dean won't be the one to take Amara down, or if he'll end up going over to her side isn't clear yet.  Though with Sam apparently receiving visions from God it could be possible that the Winchester brothers may end up on opposite sides, the way they were destined to in season 5 when Lucifer was free.

Speaking of Lucifer, it would appear from Sam's latest vision from God that he and/or Michael may be making a return as Sam is shown visions of the Cage, where the two of them are being held.  Is God telling Sam that they need the power of the Archangels on their side to fight back The Darkness?  Are we going to see some kind of epic Heaven and Hell team up with Lucifer and Michael leading the fight against the Darkness?  Is God going to make an appearance?  Is Chuck God?

We don't know yet, but some things are looking clearer and clearer.  The Winchesters and co. are up against a foe stronger than any that has ever come before it, and it looks like they're going to have to make some crazy choices if they're going to take The Darkness down.


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