Saturday, 28 November 2015

CashPad Series - Episode 148 Courtney Trouble, Dylan Ryan and Chelsea Poe

'Dylan Ryan and Courtney Trouble were two of the first Keyholders, so I decided to give them a gift ... a little something special to help break in the new Pad: Chelsea Poe, tied up with a bow.  They immediately put her to good use, taking turns with her head between their thighs.  They Courtney finger-fucks Chelsea while getting fucked by a nJoy-wielding Dylan, until Dylan decides to put on a cock and fuck Chelsea's mouth.  Something for everyone as we break in our new digs! - Keymaster'

The description on the website really does sum it up well, a something for everyone.  All three performers are beautiful women that bring their own uniqueness to the episode, there's dominant and submissive, there's cock and pussy, there's fingering, fucking, licking and sucking.  This episode has it all.

The episode gives us the beautiful Chelsea Poe tied up with a big ribbon before she proceeds to give oral to both of the other performers before Courtney slips behind her and slides her knickers down to expose her behind and proceeds to finger fuck her.

It's during this intense fingering that the blonde bombshell Dylan pulls out a nJoy dildo and uses it on Courtneys waiting pussy.  The three of them dildo, finger and lick each other to satisfying orgasms that are sure to leave you feeling as good as the three women.

CrashPad have produced an amazing threeway sex scene that offers just about everything you could want to see, and gives each of the performers the freedom to explore each others bodies and have fun without playing up to the camera.  A really great episode.

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