Monday, 30 November 2015

CrashPad Series - Episode 177 Harriette Nyx and Holly Belmont

'Harriette Nyx and Holly Belmont just can't agree on a roleplay scene.  Despite some, uh...creative spitballing, nothing seems to stick.  In the end they skip the story and get into the action (and into Holly's ass, with a glass plug and Harriettes strap-on).  When you've got Harriette's mouth wrapped around you, you don't need a script to have a happy ending. - Keymaster'.

As I've said in previous reviews for the CrashPad series it's always good to see their performers presented in a positive way, and this particular episode is a very good example of just that.  Where a lot of companies would market this episode as a transgender scene (though they would use less polite terms when doing that, but I refuse to share those words with you) there is nothing like that here.

CrashPad presents this episode as what it is, two women having sex.  They don't sell it as anything else, they don't focus on the fact that neither woman has a vagina, and they don't try to make something that is the 'norm' for this kind of porn.

Most 'trans porn' will have the trans woman having sex with a cis man, and usually in a dominant and aggressive role, or part of a 'surprise' scenario.  Instead of those boring, tired and fake tropes we are presented with a very real and very natural scene where two women are simply enjoying each others bodies.

And the two performers certainly so enjoy each others bodies.  There's plenty of sucking and fucking in this film to keep everyone entertained, with Harriette using her hands, mouth, dildo, magic wand and a strap on to bring Holly to a loud and powerful orgasm.

Now, some might ask, 'if they're both trans women why the strap on'?  Well, CrashPad understands that transgender women may not always have full erections, may not be able to cum and may not be able to penetrate someone.  Where a lot of porn companies would simply make their performers take medication to reach and maintain a full erection, CrashPad value the health and safety of their performers more than that, and allow them to portray a very real depiction, that sometimes trans women can't get hard.

Some people might moan about this, they might say that they'd want to see hard cock and cum flying, but as a trans woman who rarely gets to see a true interpretation of trans women outside of amatuer porn this is fantastic.  It's not trying to make trans women something they're not, it's not spreading false information, it's just letting the women here be themselves.

I've seen no end of people, mostly cis men, who assume that all trans women can maintain an erection, and want to sleep with them, in part, because of that.  If more porn was made like this, that showed a real depiction of trans women then a lot of those misconceptions about trans bodies and trans sexualities would be vastly different.  This is the kind of porn that sends the right, positive message.

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