Friday, 27 November 2015

CrashPad Series - Episode 9 Julie and Michelle Aston

'Holy shit!  First timers will definitely surprise you and Julie is no exception to the rule,  She comes out with flying colours as Michelle takes it to her.  Damn, I think I spilt some coffee in the sheer excitement of it all, and coffee is essential because you never know what hour people will be stopping by.  All I can say is whoa. - Keymaster'

This particular episode of the CrashPad series is something that I don't normally see, it's a scene with a cis and a trans woman, where there is no emphasis on the trans performer being trans at all.  In fact, if you don't read her bio you might be forgiven for not even realising that Julie is trans in the first place.

It's great to not only see a positive portrayal of transgender porn, but one where the fact that they're trans is sidelined.  A lot of companies would advertise this as 'post-op trans sex', whereas CrashPad just call it what it is, lesbain sex.  CrashPad's view that if two women are having sex it's lesbian sex, regardless if one or more is trans, or what genitals that trans person has is brilliant, and something I applaud them for.

The episode also bucks the trend by letting the cast be themselves, where the trans performer is the submissive to the cis dominant.  Whilst this might not sound like much, mainstream porn's insistence that all trans women should be portrayed as the dominant partner in sex scenes only really shows a small fraction of true transgender sexuality, whereas this film allows the actors to act naturally and be themselves.

The action is pretty intense, with Michelle Aston fingering Julie's pussy and arse until the woman is writhing and begging to be fucked with a strap-on, something that Michelle gladly obliges.  After a hard pounding Michelle makes Julie eat her out to a loud and powerful orgasm before returning the favour.

Both women are loud and passionate, eager to please their partner and have fun doing so,  If you like lesbian porn that is isn't fake, but shows a real and accurate depiction then you'll definitely enjoy this film.

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