Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Disney Rumoured To End Slave Leia Merchandise

Disney has always been a studio that has tried to create good representations of women over the years, and whilst some might argue that early Disney Princess' were little more than damsels in distress waiting for their handsome prince it's very much changed in recent decades.  Brave saw a capable and fierce princess, Mulan saw a woman who saved her entire country from invasion, and Frozen went on to say that sometimes the princess' can save themselves.

That same philosophy of good feminine role models has extended to the Marvel universe, as Disney are adding more and more female led books, and changing some traditionally skimpy outfits to more conservative ones, such as Captain Marvel and Spider Woman.  Now it would appear the same might be happening to the Star Wars universe.

After speaking to Interview Magazine, Carrie Fisher (known around the world as the gun toting space warrior Princess Leia) advised the 'Star War: The Force Awakens' actress Daisy Ridley to 'fight for your outfit.  Don't be a slave like I was'.  The comments came during a discussion of Fishers status as a 'sex symbol'.

Now Marvel artist J. Scott Campbell has spoken out to say that Disney is 'wiping out' the Slave Leia outfit from their future merchandising.

He went on to say in a Facebook post, 'Daisey Ridley won't have to fight against anything.  Disney is already well on its way to wiping out the 'slave' outfit from any future products period.  You will not see any future merchandising featuring the outfit ever again.  Trust me, I've heard from two sources.  We can't even draw Leia in a sexy pose at Marvel, let alone in that outfit!  We also had a 3-D statue killed at a major manufacturer because there will no longer be any Slave Leia merchandise.'

Disney have not yet commented on the claims and at the time of the writing of his article it is still just a rumour, though a solid one that news websites are reporting on.


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