Thursday, 12 November 2015

Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. 'Chaos Theory' Review

After last week's revelation as to the identity of the Inhuman killing machine Lash being the much loved Andrew Garner, all round good guy, psychologist and love interest of resident bad arse Melinda May it's all hands on deck as the team come face to face with that revelation and the monster they've been hunting.

After learning about May's back story last season, of having to kill an Inhuman child in Bahrain, and seeing the effect that had on her it's almost gut wrenching to know that she could be facing a similar situation now,but with her ex-husband instead.  Perhaps it was that baggage that drove May to confront Andrew on her own, but whatever her reasons it was an unusually stupid choice from a normally level headed character, but one driven by how much she has grown emotionally since her introduction.

The fact that Andrew is Lash wasn't kept secret from the rest of the characters as they came to the same revelation was a good one.  Rather than keep it as knowledge the audience held over the characters as they frustratingly circled other leads they immediately confronted, and apparently neutralised, the threat.

The scenes in which S.H.I.E,L.D., along with the assistance of Lincoln and the A.T.C.U., were brilliantly executed, tense and action packed.  The show also used those moments of action to expand upon Daisy's powers, with her using her seismic abilities to save a falling Rosalind, showing the versatility of Daisy's powers, as well as hopefully showing Rosalind that not every Inhuman is a threat.

Whilst Lash may have been neutralised in the episode, it's worth bearing in mind that this is only episode 7, and that it's more than likely he'll be back before the season is through.  My only hope is that if he is, it's not May who will have to kill him.  With the information that Lash will eventually become Andrews dominant personality it's very likely that death will be the only way to stop him, and that May will be the one to do so, for dramatic effect.  Now, while this might make good TV, I really don't want to have to see one of my favourite SHIELD characters go through that.

This week we also learnt that despite her relationship on an alien planet Simmons genuinely does love Fittz after he was able to recover the information on her phone.  Despite Fitzz initial anger at seeing the photo of Simmons and Will, it was seeing the emotion and heartbreak on his face when he watched her final message to him that shone through.  Yes, he has her back, but he still felt the emotions of watching what was essentially her goodbye to him.  It's these little moments from Ian De Caestecker that have made season three some of the best in the show.

The episode ends with a rather intriguing revelation that Rosalind is working for Gideon, the mysterious 'Foreigner' that has been working with Hydra since the very beginning.  I'm hoping that things will play out where Rosalind is unaware of who Gideon really is, rather than turning out to be a villain as I'm really enjoying her and Coulson on screen together, but then the idea of Hydra getting it's hands on a super powered army of Inhumans is a pretty exciting prospect too.

'Chaos Theory' kept the pace and excitement rolling whilst managing to give us some touching and emotional scenes as well as setting up even higher stakes for the rest of the season.  A great episode that goes a long way to show why Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is one of the best shows on TV right now.


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