Thursday, 26 November 2015

CrashPad Series - Episode 18 Abby and Skye

'I think I can actually hear the purrs emanating from Skye under Abby's soft touch.  She is definitely in her element all curled up like a house cat on the bed waiting to be pet all through the night.  So sweet and gentle, makes my teeth ache.  The perfect midnight snack.  Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. - Kymaster '

Like with other CrashPad videos it's very clear from the outset that this is not lesbian porn made for straight men.  The cast is made of very real women, with Abby being a punky, tattooed girl with a mohawk, a look that most mainstream companies would sideline as 'alternative', but here is celebrated just like any other woman.

The scene also takes it's time to build up, spending almost five minutes of Abby teasing Skye, in which the most that is seen is the occasional view of a breast.  Compare that to unimaginative lesbian porn made for straight men and the two of them would already be fucking by then.  Instead, CrasPad spends it's time allow the performers to tease and explore each other's bodies, to warm to each other and build their lust and passion before moving on to have sex.

This just makes it all feel more real, it makes it feel like reality.  It's not the hyper stylised porn made by mainstream companies who just want sex as soon as they can, this shows a genuine depiction of real women having fun.  The fact that Skye even has trouble removing Abby's bra grounds it in so much more reality that most other lesbian porn.

Things heat up as the film goes on, where Abby fingers Skye and uses a magic wand vibrator to bring her to a passionate climax.

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