Tuesday, 24 November 2015

CrashPad Series - Episode 20 Sweet Tea's Solo

'Sweet Tea gets a little quality time alone.

Whoa, that was a close one.  I need to plan my laundry service a little more carefully.  Although, Sweet Tea looked preoccupied so I'm not too concerned.  Probably just thinks I'm some perv who is into dirty sheets....well I guess it's not too far from the truth. - Keymaster. '

At first I thought that a solo scene wouldn't me something that would be massively different from a similar scene from mainstream porn, after all, how many different ways can you tape someone masturbating.  Then I started to watch the episode, and realised that it was, in fact, something different.

I'm sure we've all seen those scenes where a girl plays with herself in front of the camera, staring into the lens and making moaning noises whilst saying something like 'fuck me', then the camera spends ages focused on her vagina.  Well, none of that is what you get from CrashPad.

Instead of playing up for the camera, Sweet Tea is simply left to hir own devices.  The camera is there to document what ze does, not control or dictate it.  Instead, the focus is at first given over to hir face, hir expressions and hir reactions to hir own touch.  We get the chance to watch hir explore and relax before we 'move downstairs'.

Even then, when we see more of hir body and hir vagina, that's not the focus, it's hir whole self that's given time to shine.  The camera cuts to different angles, where sometimes you can't even see hir genitals, but are given time to just watch hir as a performer as ze plays and explores.

As for the performer, ze is a very attractive, average sized person, without the big blowup breasts that some porn actor have, who just seems to be there having fun rather than acting.  The orgasms seems genuine, there's no staring into the camera or 'fuck me' sentiments, it's just a regular person doing what they would normally do to masturbate, and that's so great and refreshing to see.

To watch this episode, and more, head over to www.crashpadseries.com


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