Monday, 26 September 2016

Everything Left Episode 1 - Schrodinger's Rodriquez

My brand new podcast is now available online at Soundcloud, head over there now and check it out!

In Episode One I'm joined by Adi and Han as we discuss Michelle Rodriguez's new film '(Re)Assignment', trans representation in film and television, British Royal family members coming out as gay, hate preachers being banned from entering the UK, and we learn that Han has a surprising lack of knowledge of celebrity deaths.


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Transgender Teen Fired From McDonalds Following Media Attention

Kenny Cooley, a transgender teen from Halifax, Nova Scotia, is reporting that he has been fired from his job at McDonalds following a news report focusing on him being an out transgender football player on his school team.  

Kenny has reported to the media that he has faced a backlash from his employer following a news report by ABC News in which he was profiled.  He has said that only two days after the report appeared in the Canadian publication he was called into his managers office and told that his contract was being terminated, in part because of scheduling mishaps, but also due to media attention.

The owner operator of the McDonalds where Kenny works, Bob Smith, has released a statement saying that he is 'shocked by these allegations as they are simply not true'.  He went on to say, 'I have been a local business owner for more than 25 years and pride myself on operating an open and diverse workplace.  At my restaurants, inclusion has always been an important part of my work culture.

'Our philosophy has always been to 'bring your whole self to work'.  By doing so we encourage an open and accepting workplace that allows everyone to contribute to their personal best.'

The local LGBT+ advocacy group has called for an official apology and for Kenny to be given his job back.

'Youth are constantly telling us that they're denied employment opportunities because they're trans - we hear it happen all the time,' Youth Project director Kate Shewan spoke out on the incident.  

Despite Kenny's mother stating that she wishes to take McDonalds to court over the incident he has simply stated that he wants to receive an apology over the incident.


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Sunday, 25 September 2016

'Love Is Love' Comic To Benefit Victims Of Orlando Massacre

DC and IDW have entered into a partnership to produce a new one-shot comic called 'Love is Love', the proceeds of which will benefit the victims of the Orlando Pulse Massacre that occred earlier this year in whihc 49 LGBT+ people lost their lives.  The project will be donating to the victims of the shooting through Equality Florida.

'Love is Love' will feature work by industry names such as Paul Jenkins, Jason Aaron, Olivier Coipel, Phil Jimenez, Mike Carey, Damon Lindelof, Ming Doyle, Jesus Saiz, Patton Oswald, Jason Latour, Leinil Yu, Brandon Peterson, James Tynion IV, Rafael Albuquerque, Marguerite Bennett, Cecil Castellucci, Steven Orlando and many more to be announced.

'When Tragedy happens, art responds, and after the Pulse massacre, the comics community responded quickly, decisively and with open hearts,' said project organiser Marc Andreyko, 'I could not be more proud of this book, or to be a member of the comics community.  The talent and emotion on every page is staggering.  'Love is Love' mourns the forty nine lost, honours the survivors and celebrates love in all forms.'

The 144 page book, due out in December, will not only have IDW and DC characters and creators, but is also being reported to have additions from other publishers too.

Chris Ryall, Chief Creative Officer at IDW, said, 'When Marc brought this project to me, there was no hesitation about us being involved.  To echo Marc's sentiments, we are proud of the hard work and the talent that has gone into this project and to involved in any way to support the survivors and their families in the face of tragedy.'

Vertigo group editor Jamie Rich added, 'Marc's heartfelt passion for this cause and this project has inspired everyone involved in 'Love is Love'.  As an editor on the book, I continue to be moved every day by the expressions of hope and love the contributors have put forth, and can only imagine the profound impact the book will have on readers.'

'Love is Love' is set for release this December.


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Gay Teen Suing School That Refused To Let Him Bring A Date To Prom

A gay teen from Tennessee is suing his former school after they refused to let him bring a date to his homecoming prom.

Lance Sanderson has filed a lawsuit stating that his school, the all male Christian Brothers High School in Memphis, went against anti-discrimination laws when he was told that he could not bring another boy to the dance as his date, despite other students being allowed to bring female partners from outside of the school.

Lance chose to skip the dance rather than attend without being able to bring a partner, but reports that the school still suspended him for a week for having requested permission to bring a same sex partner.

The lawyers in the case, which cites breach of contract, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent training among it's violations, have said that that despite the school's private status it is in receipt of federal funding, and as such must abide by anti-discrimination laws and legislation.

Speaking out on the incident Lance said, 'I've been out since my freshman year of high school, and I've been a great student as well as a photographer for most of my school's events.  When I first started to float the idea of bringing a same sex date to homecoming I was told that my school doesn't discriminate by a school official.

'But, when that school official left over the summer, I was met with harsh opposition by my school.  One administrator told me that even though some people interpret Pope Francis's teachings on the issue as as meaning that they should support same sex couples, these people are 'not the authority to which Christian Brothers High School is accountable'.

'Now my school is making daily announcements across the whole school saying that students can't bring same sex dates from other schools.

'I just want to bring a date of my choice to homecoming like the rest of my friends and classmates.  I'm not asking for special treatment.  I'm just asking for respect and the chance to make my last homecoming a truly memorable experience.'

Lance's case is still ongoing.


Saturday, 17 September 2016

Christian Music Festival Bans Gay Singer

Joshua Fest, a Christian festival in Quincy, California, has dropped an openly gay singer from it's line-up and banned him from their event.  Trey Pearson, lead singer of the popular Christian band Everyday Sunday came out to fans as gay in an emotional letter earlier this summer, a shock revelation to many of the bands fans as he has previously been believed to be straight, being married and having two children with his wife.

In his coming out letter Pearson admits that he has been 'choosing' to be straight after being raised in a Christian environment that taught him that homosexuality was a sin, and a choice.  'I tried for a really long time , I don't think I was ever trying to lie to anyone, I was trying to convince myself I could be something I wasn't.'

Despite some of his more open minded fans congratulating him on his bravery at coming out and living his life as his true self, others have been extremely critical of his sexuality, and Joshua Fest has since dropped the band from their event and have reportedly banned Pearson from attending.

The decision to drop the band came after members of the festival crew threatened to walk out of the event if an openly gay man was allowed to appear.  The festival owners cite this as their reason for dropping the act, claiming that the amount of staff who threatened to leave would have made the event unable to be run.