Saturday, 14 November 2015

Arrow 'Lost Souls' Review

Last week we learnt that Ray Palmer, the superhero known as The Atom, was not in fact killed in an explosion at the end of season three as believed (despite the fact that we were told that he was alive months ago with the reveal trailer for Legends of Tomorrow).

That's what a lot of this episode was about, building towards the new Arrow spin-off 'Legends of Tomorrow', as not only was The Atom re-introduced to the franchise but so was Sarah Lance's Black Canary, who we know will go on to become White Canary.

Whilst the episode did carry on with a number of the stories already established in the show already, the up and down relationship between Ollie and Felicity, the evil machinations of Damian Dahrk, but all in all it felt like a very throwaway episode where nothing much actually happened.

All the main changes involved Ray and Sarah, who were both very quickly sidelined by the end of the episode.

The one positive in the episode is that even though it was heavily focused on setting up for the future spin-off Damian Dahrk was heavily involved.  Whilst it was good to see a rematch between Green Arrow and his supernaturally powered opponent, compared to Flash's fight with Zoom it felt a little underwhelming.

Hopefully the show will bet a little back on track next week and get back to the main story of the season.


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