Saturday, 11 June 2016

Two New Pokemon Revealed For Sun & Moon

As we get closer to the release of the new Pokemon games 'Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon' the slow trickle of information continues on as we receive information on two brand new creatures, Iwanko and Nekkoala.

The two new Pokemon were revealed in the latest issue of CoroCoro magazine in Japan.

Iwanko is a rock type dog Pokemon, with the abilities Keen Eye or Vital Spirit.  According to CoroCoro the name is a combination of 'iwa', rock, and 'wanko', doggy.  The article says that Iwanko greets its trainers by rubbing against you with it's rocky neck.  'It's painful but cute'.

The article also claims that 'There is a secret hidden in that little body.  In fact, there are also surprising secrets about the starter Pokemon too...!?'

The second new Pokemon is a Koala Bear Pokemon (about time!) named Nekkoala.  Nekkoala is a 'Half-Awake' Normal-type Pokemon with the ability Absolute Sleep which makes it immune to all status changes except Sleep.

It's name comes from 'Neru', to sleep, 'Nekko' which means stump and Koala.

Hopefully more news will begin to emerge soon, with a whole new host of Pokemon on their way.  Whilst Iwanko is a cool looking new edition to the host of Pokemon available Nekkoala certainly stands out as the first instance of a Koala inspired Pokemon, a trend I hope continues as the creators look to more animals that haven't been used before as inspiration.  Personally I'm hoping for a Hummingbird Pokemon.


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