Wednesday, 15 June 2016

British Protesters Call For Trans Bathroom Ban

As a parliamentary equalities conference gathered today to discuss trans issues protesters gathered outside, carrying signs calling for a ban on transgender women using public bathrooms in a similar manner to many of the anti-trans protests taking place in America.

The meeting today at the Westminster Social Policy Forum building in London was hosted by Labour MP Ruth Cadbury and Lib Dem peer Baroness Barker and came together to discuss 'how transgender equality issues are dealt with by Whitehall departments and agencies, as well as how they are treated by schools, the NHS and the criminal justice system'.  The meeting was also designed to discuss 'steps for achieving transgender equality, and how legislation - including the Gender Recognition Act, the Equality Act 2010 and the Marriage Act - is working for trans people'.

Despite this meeting being called to try to establish how the UK can be made safer and fairer for transgender people, a crowd of protesters gathered outside the building.

The protesters carried signs that read 'No trans in women's toilets', 'no trans in women's changing rooms', 'you cannot change your biological sex, fact!' and 'lesbian rights are women's rights.  We are not trans'.

Whilst those involved have said that the event went well, and that they discussed many issues that may affect trans and non binary people the fact that some people chose to try to disrupt the event with hateful anti-trans rhetoric highlights the fact that whilst the UK seems to be further ahead in the fight for trans rights than other countries there is still a great deal of hatred towards the trans community.  Something that most trans people are fully aware of.


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