Wednesday, 15 June 2016

American Family Association Uses Orlando Attack To Support Anti-Trans Boycott

The Christian hate group The American Family Association has been exploiting the tragedy of the Orlando massacre to try and gain support for their anti-trans boycott of Target stores.

Despite the attack on Pulse being a blatant attack on the LGBT+ community, the right-wing Christian group have chosen to use the tragedy to promote their boycott and push for anti-trans hatred.

A newsletter released by the group says 'The nation continues to mourn over the senseless violence and loss of life in the Orlando shooting.  This is a time when a nation must come together, reminding that God loves all people, and all are His creations, made in his own image.

'We know there are millions praying for the families and friends of the victims, and we ask all to join together with them and for those who are wounded, that a healing of both the body and the community will be a reality.

'In April, Target publicised its corporate policy which allows men to frequent the female rest rooms and changing facilities.  We view this policy as a danger to women and children because it provides a possible gateway for sexual predators to gain access to their victims.

'Since Target announced this dangerous policy in late April over 1.3 million people have signed the boycott Target pledge.  This doesn't include the millions of Americans who didn't sign the pledge but feel the same way about Target.

'This week we are announcing a new initiative to the #Boycott Target pledge called Target Isn't Listening.  This initiative seeks to add 50,000 potential Target shoppers to our boycott Target pledge this week, June 13-17.

'While we are grateful for the over a million that have pledged to boycott Target, we know there are millions more that have the same sympathy but haven't signed the pledge.'

The American Family Association has a history of anti-LGBT+ sentiment and action, including having blamed the LGBT+ community for the Holocaust.  The latest attempt to use the tragedy in Orlando to further their own attacks on the LGBT+ community are sickening beyond belief.

For all those people who are blaming 'radical Islam' for the attack on Pulse and the massive loss of life, perhaps after seeing this you'll begin to look a little closer to home and realise that American hate groups are contributing to the creation of a society that ends in the mass murder of LGBT+ people.



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