Saturday, 4 June 2016

Trans Woman Sent To Male Prison

After assurances from the British government that a review would take place to prevent transgender women from being sent to male prisons following the deaths of two transgender inmates yet another transgender woman has been sent to an all male facility.

The woman, who does not wish to be named, raised her issue with her local MP, Daniel Zeichner, who has taken her case further, making it known to the press and raising it with equalities minister Nicky Morgan.

'When you are guilty of a crime, society expects an appropriate punishment.'  He said.  'But this is a double punishment - not just deprivation of liberty, but failing to respect transgender people as well.  It is deeply sad that in the 21st century transgender prisoners are being treated in this way I hope that there will be swift action to stop their rights being violated.'

After the issue was raised with Conservative minister Nicky Morgan she said that she would 'look at' this particular case.  'The government are firmly committed to ensuring that the needs of transgender prisoners are fully met.  The Ministry of Justice has carried out the review and it will be published shortly.'

Despite these assurances the current government have so far failed to prevent transgender women from being sent to male facilities, something that has resulted in the deaths of women more than once in the last year.

Currently in the UK it is commonplace for transgender women to be sent to prisons that reflect their legal gender, even though there are supposed to be safeguards in place to protect transgender women from such action.

Trans women who have been living their lives female in every aspect for years, some even decades, but have not completed bureaucratic requirements to fully legally 'complete' their transition will be sent to the incorrect prisons.

With the government making it so difficult for many trans women to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate and their apparent lack of speed at reviewing the current rules that have been putting trans lives in danger it's hard to keep faith in Morgan's claim that the issue is being pursued.


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