Sunday, 19 June 2016

Florida State Attorney Suspended For Anti-Orlando Rant

Florida Assistant State Attorney Kenneth Lewis has been suspended from his position following an anti-Orlando rant posted to his social media feed less than 24 hours after the Pulse massacre that claimed 49 lives just a week ago today.

Lewis posted to his Facebook page, 'Downtown Orlando has no bottom.  The entire city should be levelled.  It is void of a single redeeming quality.

'It is a melting pot of 3rd world miscreants and ghetto thugs.  It is void of culture.  If you live down there you do it at your own risk and your own peril.  If you go down there after dark there is something seriously wrong with you.  Disney does everything that it can to shield visitors of Disney from its northern blight.

'That does not change reality.  Disney may be the happiest place on earth but Orlando is a national embarrassment.  If this is an act of domestic terrorism it is so important that we do not publish the religion, name , or motive of the terrorist as not to offend anyone.'

In a second post Lewis wrote, 'All Orlando night clubs should be permanently closed.  Without or without gunmen they are zoo's, utter cesspools of debauchery.'

The announcement of his suspension came on Friday 17th June, along with the following statement;

'Kenneth Lewis, an Assistant State Attorney in the Office of State Attorney Ninth Judicial Circuit, was suspended today pending further review.  Mr Lewis violated the SA09 social media policy.  The social media policy was adopted and implemented on February 2015, as part of SA09's code of conduct.  Every employee is required to sign the policy.  Failure to comply can result in discipline up to and including termination.'

It is currently unclear if Mr Lewis will be facing termination at this point, though it is not the first time he has been found in breach of the social media policy, having previously been reassigned after writing a post about 'crack hoes'.


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  1. As a state attorney, isn't he responsible to clean up the criminal element there?