Monday, 20 June 2016

Gay Actor Rupert Everett Urges Parents Not To Let Trans Children Receive Treatment

Openly gay actor Rupert Everett has spoken out to 'warn' parents against the dangers of allowing transgender children to seek help and treatment towards transitioning, claiming that parents who do so are 'wrong' during an interview with The Sunday Times.

The actor has said that when he was a child he wanted to be a girl, and whilst growing up dressed in female clothing often.  'I really wanted to be a girl.  Thank God the world of now wasn't then, because I'd be on hormones and I'd be a woman.  After I was 15 I never wanted to be a woman again'.  

Projecting his single cisgender viewpoint onto the entire transgender and gender variant community he has said that it is wrong for parents of transgender children to 'get medical'.  

'It's nice to be allowed to express yourself,' he said, 'but the hormone thing, very young, is a big step.  I think a lot of children have an ambivalence when they're very young to what sex they are or what they feel about everyone.  And there should be a way of embracing it'.

Everett also went on to say that he went on to suggest that Caitlyn Jenner had made a mistake in her decision to transition, claiming that she has 'no clue what being a trassexual involved' as well as saying 'I don't think she's a woman.  She's a cross-dressing man'.

In the past Everett has 'advised' LGBT+ actors to keep their sexual orientation a secret in order to help their careers, as well as saying he couldn't imagine 'anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads'.

Whilst I'm sure as a cisgender man who has never had to experience being trans his viewpoint is a valid one on this topic (actually, it's not!) it's worth noting that dozens of experts on transgender youth have repeatedly stated that not allowing trans children to receive help is massively harmful to their physical and emotional well being.  

In some extreme cases where parents refuse to help their transgender children lives have been lost to suicide, most famously in recent memory with Leelah Alcorn, whose parents refusal to help her led to her taking her own life.

The comments being made by Rupert Everett are not only massively misinformed and based on no physical evidence or studies at all but purely his own experience as a cisgender person, but lead to an environment where it becomes harder and harder for vulnerable transgender children to receive the help they desperately need.



  1. Ok, this is a fine example of an idiot beaking off about things he has NO idea about. First off, children aren't going on HRT. DOES NOT HAPPEN, so nix that fantasy right off the bat. Second, the treatment for Gender dysphoria does NOT include surgery for children. That's entirely another fantasy. The ACTUAL treatment involves letting the child self-identify, wear the clothes they choose, and use the pronouns they prefer. That's fine. The ONLY medications that are used AT ALL, are those that delay puberty. Puberty can be delayed for several years, well into the mid to late teens, so the kid can grow up & be able to proceed as they choose, without having to worry about unwanted secondary sexual characteristics. This would be things like facial hair for MTF (male to female) trans kids or breasts for FTM (female to male) trans kids. It does NOT prevent them from developing permanently, but until such time as the kid can mature enough to figure things out for themselves.

    AKA NO, Everett would NOT be a woman under current SOC standards.

    He really has NO idea what he's talking about.

    1. "In the past Everett has 'advised' LGBT+ actors to keep their sexual orientation a secret in order to help their careers, as well as saying he couldn't imagine 'anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads', he says this but he himself is openly gay? He truly needs to research what trans kids face and take a step back to reevaluate his own life.

    2. Agreed!! He's one of those self-loathing gays that goes out of his way to make it worse for everyone else, just because some twatboggle will listen to his ramblings.


  2. Greatly disappointed that such a fine actor not only has zero understanding of transgender people but apparently has a history of being borderline homophobic as well. If he can think of nothing worse than being raised by two gay dads, well, that's about as self-hating as you can get.
    Responsible doctors do not rush into HRT or any irreversible medical procedures on youngsters. Rupert, you would do yourself and fans a big service by simply shutting the f--- up on matters LGBT.

  3. Rupert, get some education!
    You were maybe a cross-dresser, a 1 or 2 on the transgender scale. You wanted to be a girl, but at some point you decided you could be happy being a gay man instead.

    This is one of the reasons that the WPATH guidelines exist. A little boy can say "I'm a girl" and maybe his parents let him wear pink. On the other hand, you may have a transgender child who is a 6 on the transgender scale (transition or die transsexual), who has a parent or two who abusively try to "beat the girl out of him", they shave his head with all the guards off, ripping and gouging his head with the clippers as he struggles and cries. They may hit him every time he does something feminine, they may verbally humiliate and abuse him as well.
    Even though he hates football and fighting, a transphobic father might force his little boy to play in various league football teams, pushing him to "man up", causing injuries and trips to the doctor, even to hospitals.

    He may go to school, unable to hide the girl inside, and the boys become more brutal and abusive, kicking him during a soccer game, or hitting him with baseball bats. Or pummeling him with their fists. Not a single bully, but a dozen or more. More trips to the doctor, even hospitals. The nurse is so familiar with him that she just calls the mother and the hospital, by the time the mother and child arrive at the hospital, they already have his room ready, it will take a week or two to heal from the damage.

    When he reaches puberty, his worst nightmares come true, he is becoming irreversibly a man. You, Rupert, accepted and adjusted. But a type six can never adjust or accept. He may become religious, or rebellious, he probably has few friends and hobbies like electronics that take advantage of his fine motor skills, avoiding things that take brute force.

    As his body changes, he may attempt to castrate himself. Poaching with boiled water, strangulation with string or rubber bands, impact with a blunt force such as a hammer against a 2x4 held over the testes is not unusual. Many of these may be attempted multiple times. He may even try to cut them out. He may have others help, getting into a fight then laying face down with your legs spread wide is almost certain to get you a few kicks in the balls. The question is how many can you take before you curl into a ball in pain.

    As hair grows on face and limbs, as the voice drops, the situation becomes more desperate. They may rebel completely, drinking, drugs, and sex provide a momentary escape. A poor consolation for the horrible changes in his body. There may be many overdoses. A few may be accidental, but more will be deliberate. There may be "accidents", wrapping a car around a tree, getting hit by a car or truck while walking, getting beat up by large groups of adult men intent on killing someone who obviously has no martial arts or self-defense skills.

    They may begin to explore other religions, such a Buddhism or Hindu, and begin to believe in reincarnation. Perhaps if he dies with good Karma, he can come back as a girl. The suicide attempts become more deliberate, and harder to detect. Poison, self-infection, strangulation, starvation, all done without letting anybody no. No cry for help, just a clear intent to die, often, the note is left, if at all, only after the fatal action is taken. The poison swallowed, the artery slit, the rope tied, or just before the walk that precedes stepping in front of the truck is taken.

    1. thank you, very well said. this Actor needs to keep his opinions where they MIGHT count, about his roles, if he ever gets any again.

    2. Dude, why the fuck are you trying to give people anxiety with your vivid as fuck hypotheticals?

  4. You shouldn't practice medicine without a license to do so.

  5. i was upset when John Barrowman made his famous support statement for using the word "trannies", this guy is a complete and utter idiot. he has NO idea about transsexuals, because the most he ever was, was a cross dresser. the fact he did it for several years shows it "wasnt just a phase", but not transsexual. and that is cool, but using YOUR experience, which in NO way, other than wearing clothes (he never stated that he wanted HRT, surgery, etc, but of course back then it wasnt as much as an option, maybe he IS, and is just jealous of those who are able too now?) to be a "girl" lots of men do this, i wear girls cloths, so i am a girl, and its NOT about the cloths at all. cloths are just an outward expression, not the sole indicator.

  6. Rupert Everett needs to shut his fucking mouth.

  7. I would not call a plumber to perform heart surgery. Neither should actors be held as authorities on mental health issues, unless they have a degree in psychology. People can be less than optimal.