Tuesday, 21 June 2016

'Brexit Bad For Trans Rights' Says Young Trans Activist

A young transgender rights activist from the UK, Charlie Craggs, has warned that Britain choosing to leave the European Union during the 'Brexit' vote could lead to marginalised communities finding themselves in worse situations.

Charlie, who has become well known for her Nail Transphobia campaign where she travels around the UK advocating for trans rights, has urged students around the UK to vote to remain within the EU in Thursday's referendum or face the possibility of Boris Johnson as prime minister.

'If we leave, the ramifications on marginalised communities is going to be so great.'  She said when speaking on the subject.  'Boris Johnson could be our prime minister.  A man who has said things like 'tank-top wearing bum boys' and said gay marriage might lead to men marrying their dogs.

'People vote for him because the think he's a lol and a laugh, but he's dangerous.

'The EU has helped produce legislation to protect us but it also means we are all involved in social dialogue in the EU.  We are able to bring our voice to the table.  The UK is quite good at LGBT rights so I think it's important we remain in the EU so our voice remains prevalent in that conversation.

'Brexit would be bad for trans rights, gay rights, lesbian rights, bi rights, intersex, literally all of us.'


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  1. I'd like someone to give me proof' that the nhs being cut by the EU' is false propaganda.