Monday, 7 December 2015

Final Fantasy 7 Remake To Be Released Episodically

If you're into video games and have the Internet then the chances are very good that you'll be aware of the long called for remake of the Playstation classic, Final Fantasy 7.  Over the weekend Square Enix released the first gameplay trailer of the new game, that left many fans stunned at just how good it looked.  Shortly after this, though, they released further information, that the remake would be released in parts, rather than as a whole game.

In an interview for website Gematsu, the game's director Tetsuya Nomura spoke briefly about the decision split the game down.

'If we dedicated our time to a single release , parts of it would be summarised.  We'd have to cut some parts, and additional parts would come in few, so rather than remake the game as a full volume, we decided to do multiple parts.'

In the same interview the producer, Yoshinori Kitase also spoke about the choice to release the game in parts rather than as a single release, as well as maintaining mystique around how the game will be released.

'The idea that a remake of Final Fantasy VII would not fit into a single release was there from the very beginning.  We still can't share more information about it's multiple parts, but please look forward to future announcements.

'As you can see from the trailer, we showed Sector 1 and Sector 8, but those areas alone, I think you see a lot of density.  When you're remaking the entirety of the original version in that quality, it's not possible to fit it all in one release.'

As yet it is unclear how the game will be released, whether as downloads similar to Telltale's 'The Walking Dead' or 'Life Is Strange', or as individual retail games.  Either way, with the level of excitement around the project it's sure to sell well regardless.


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