Wednesday, 9 December 2015

CrashPad Series - Episode 151 Hayley Fingersmith and Sugar Blair

'Sounds like Hayley Fingersmith is giving her girlfriend the ol' run-around, which makes this particular rendezvous officially 'illicit'.  Forbidden passions in the heat of the night and all that jazz.  Meh, I don't care who sucks who so long as it's hot and in front of my cameras.  Rainbow-haired beauty Sugar Blair comes ready to play in a snap-away thong on her imminently spankable ass, which Hayley helps herself to after tying Sugar to the headboard.  After Sugar sucks her cock and rides it into another orgasm, Hayley shows that 'Fingersmith' might be just as accurate. - Keymaster.'

Hayley shows herself to be the dominant member of the pair as she quickly ties Sugar to the bed, strips her down to her underwear and proceeds to finger fuck her hard from behind, bringing the bright haired Sugar to a loud orgasm.

Once happy that Sugar has had enough pleasure from her fingers Hayley flips her over and gets her tongue involved too.  Licking and teasing Sugars clit with her tongue whilst pumping her fingers in and out of her eager pussy Sugar is treated to even more pleasure before licking her own juices off Hayleys fingers.

Next it's Hayleys turn to take a teasing as Sugar climbs on top of her partner and teases her tits, kissing and slapping them.  Sugar slips Hayleys leopard print panties down to reveal her big, waiting cock.

Sugar wastes no time in slipping the cock into her mouth and going to work on Hayley.  Once Hayley is good and hard Sugar lubes up her pussy and climbs on top of Hayley, sliding her pussy lips up and down her shaft, teasing them both until the urge to fuck has taken over.  Fucking hard to powerful orgasms Hayley decides to finish off the episode by showing why she has the name Fingersmith, by fisting Sugar.

An episode with a lot of content and variety, it's got something for everyone.  Some great fingering, pussy licking, cock sucking, spanking, fisting and fucking, it's an episode that's sure to please a lot of people.

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