Thursday, 31 December 2015

A Look Back At 2015

2015 has been a big year for me, there have been more personal ups and downs this year than most other years, but it's also been a great year for both my writing and the site.  Not only has my work become featured in new places, including Gay News Network, Australia's biggest LGBT+ website, but my website itself has gone from strength to strength, leading to a rebrand and rename, to Trans-Scribe.

To cap off the year I'm going to be looking back at some of my top articles of the year, plus one extra that resulted in something extremely weird.

Cosplay Is Not Consent - An Interview With Kerry Holland

Being a geek has never been more popular than it is today, and cosplay is quickly becoming a popular past time amongst convention attendees.  Unfortunately with the rise of coplay there has also been a rise in sexual abuse women have been suffering at these events.  In this article I speak to cosplayer Kerry Holland about her experiences and some of the issues faced by the cosplay community.

Daily Mail Brands Trans Students & Allies 
As Fascists On TDOR

When well known anti-trans feminist Germaine Greer was told that a number of students at Cardiff University were protesting her appearance there she quickly turned the event into a media storm of hate and transphobic sentiment.  A storm that The Daily Mail felt the need to jump into, deciding that the Transgender Day of Remembrance was a good day to insult the transgender community.

Oklahoma City Cop Guilty of Multiple 
Rape Charges

Some of you may have heard of the story of Daniel Holtzclaw, a Oklahoma City police officer who used his position of power to target vulnerable women of colour in order to sexually assault them.  The court case was given little to no attention in the press, but thankfully justice was served as Holtzclaw was told that he'd spend the rest of his life in prison, on his 29th birthday.

I Self Harm, And It's Helped Me To Survive 
Being Transgender

 A personal article where I talk about some of the struggles I have faced, and how discovering self harm when close to taking my own life saved me.  Self harm is something that can help some people, and should not be a taboo subject.

Miley Cyrus Comes Out As 
Pansexual - People's Shit Reactions

Earlier this year singer Miley Cyrus made headlines as she came out as pansexual.  What came next was a torrent of Internet abuse, not just because she is a sexually confident young woman in the public eye, but because some people hate the idea of pansexuality, even people within the LGBT+ community.

Yes, My Breasts Are Real, No, I Will Not Prove 
It - Being Hounded By The Wrong Questions

It doesn't matter if you're a celebrity or just a regular person, as soon as someone finds out that you're transgender all they ever seem to want to know about is the state of your genitals.

Why Are Trans Women Treated Like Outcasts 
In The Feminist Community?

It's a sad fact that certain members of the feminist community hate trans women, with a passion.  These women will often go out of their way in order to try and push trans women out of the feminist community, and in some extreme cases even push them towards suicide.  This article did not go down well with these trans exclusionary radical feminists, and even got me my first death threat.

Patch Reynolds - Remembering An Amazing Person

This was the second most read articles of mine this year, and I'm glad that so many people read it.  It's a memorial piece to a friend of mine, Patch Reynolds, who died aged only 21.  A beautiful, passionate and amazing young woman who I miss dearly.  A loss to the whole world.

Stonewall Movie Erases Black Trans Women And 
Drag Queens From History

My most read article of the year, the highest read and shared article on Planet Transgender, and the piece that got me published on Gay News Network and featured on Buzzfeed.  I'm immensely proud at how well accepted this article was, and want to thank everyone who helped make it a success.

Men's Rights Activist Peter Nolan Publicly Calls For The 
Murder Of Women As 'The Only Path Of Justice For Men'

Now, this is an interesting one, I'm including this article based purely on the response it received.  Not the torrent of Twitter messages, or the threats, but the response article that Peter Nolan himself wrote.

Click below to read my article, and beneath that to see Nolan's insane response.

Thank you to everyone who has made 2015 a great year for both me and Trans-Scribe, you're all amazing.  Let's hope that 2016 will be even bigger and better!


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