Tuesday, 8 December 2015

CrashPad Series - Episode 125 Beretta James and Iona Grace

'This Memorial Day weekend, forget charcoal and propane; Beretta James and Iona Grace are hot enough to cook on.  When Iona slaps Beretta's ass, I swear I saw sparks fly.  if only i could harness all that raw sexual energy, I could solve the world's energy problems.  Or at least lower the electric bill - running two Hitachi's at one ain't cheap. - Keymaster. '

Episode 125 of the CrashPad series gives us two incredibly beautiful women, Iona Grace and Beretta James, having some pretty rough sex.  Now, if I'm being very personal for a second now, rough sex isn't something I'm particularly used to, and some of the stuff I see labelled as 'rough' can be a little frightening.

This video, however, is not 'rough' in the sense of BDSM.  There aren't any whips and chains.  No, this is 'rough' in the sense that it's full of passion and energy.  As someone who might be a little put off by the very rough stuff this episode was actually very enjoyable.  Yes, there's some spanking, and even a paddle makes an appearance towards the end, but that's not the focus of this piece, it's just two women who really, really want to have great sex.

There's plenty of pussy licking, fingering and magic want play going on that the spanking is only a small part of this, and it feels perfectly natural and in place.  This isn't porn focused around 'pain is pleasure' or drawing blood or leaving red marks, it's about having big, powerful orgasms, and I'm not put off by that.

Would I ever have considered watching 'rough' porn before?  Probably not, but this video has definitely opened my mind to exploring more of that.  It's a nice, and ironically, gentle easing into a new area of porn that I'd not have watched normally.

The episode is great, with two really beautiful, large breasted women fucking the shit out of each other and having a hell of a lot of fun doing so.  It might be tame to some people into really rough stuff, but as a newbie I felt that it had just the right mix of passion, gentleness and rough play to not put me off, and more importantly, let me have a great time watching it.

To watch this video and more like it head over to www.crashpadseries.com


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