Tuesday, 1 December 2015

BREAKING NEWS - Transgender Woman Found Dead in Prison Cell

News has just been released via the BBC that Joanne Latham, 38, was found dead in her cell in an all male prison Friday morning (30th November).

A prison service report says that Joanne was serving a life sentence for attempted murder in HM Prison Woodhill Milton Keynes, but was being housed in an all male facility, rather than a female one.

This is the second death of a transgender woman in an all male prison facility in just the last month.

The prison service report says that Joanne had barricaded her cell and and obscured the observation panel.  After receiving no response from her staff forced their way into the cell and found her dead by hanging.

She was officially pronounced dead at 06.30 on Friday the 30th of November.  An autopsy has yet to be carried out.

More information on this case will be reported on as it becomes available,


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