Wednesday, 9 December 2015

CrashPad Series - Episode 165 Kimberly Kills and Brittany Bendz

'Why measure your pleasure by mere inches?  For Kimberly Kills, fun comes by the foot.  Brittany Bendz' foot, to be precise, as they close 2013 with a most impressive game of footsie. - Keymaster.'

An interesting episode from CrashPad that starts off quite normal.  We've got two women kissing and caressing, building sexual tension and pleasure as they slowly and tenderly explore each others bodies.

Slipping down to their underwear Brittany begins by giving Kimberly some oral pleasure by sucking and teasing her cock before the two of them engage in giving each other handjobs.

So far so normal, then the episode takes a surprising turn when Brittany suggests a footfuck to Kimberly.  Slipping a condom over Brittany's foot and lubing up her arse Kimberly slowly herself onto Brittany, filling her waiting hole with Brittany's foot,

Something I'd never heard of before, let alone seen, this was something of an eye opener to be sure.  New and interesting to watch, Kimberly loves every second of having Brittany inside her.

A short but sweet episode, that gives you something new and unusual to see as two beautiful trans women pleasure each other in interesting ways.

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