Friday, 4 December 2015

CrashPad Series - Episode 197 Leah Lochhart and Tiffany Starr

'Leah Lockhart waits patiently for Tiffany Starr's arrival, and is richly rewarded.  Leah keeps a Magic Wand firmly in hand while Tiffany fucks her ass before spanking it red.  But Tiffany has an even bigger surprise in store... - Keymaster.'

This episode is another where CrashPad does what it does best, allowing it's performers to be themselves, have fun and create porn that's real.

The episode begins with Tiffany and Leah begin by slowly kissing and touching each other, allowing foreplay to build up excitement.  They spend time sucking and teasing each others tits before Tiffany pulls out a Magic Wand to use on Leah.

Tiffany uses the Magic Wand to tease Leah's cock through her pink loveheart panties whilst licking and teasing her breasts, before Leah slips off her underwear and begins to suck on Tiffany's hard cock.  Tiffany slips her cock inside Leah's arse and proceeds to fuck her hard from behind, spanking her red, until she cums deep inside Leah's back door.

Despite having just fucked her hard Tiffany produces a strap on from their toy stash in order to keep on fucking Leah, using the cum in her arse as lube to keep on pounding her hard.

Just like with other trans performers in the CrashPad series both Leah and Tiffany show just how different and varied trans women are when it comes to sex, over mainstream porn.  Tiffany has a big, hard cock, whilst Leah never reaches an erection.

For those who have only ever experienced straight cis made trans porn this might come as something of a shock, but this is what it's like in the real world.  Some trans women can have erections, some can't, some can cum, some can't.  We're varied and different, and it's good to see that represented.

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