Monday, 11 July 2016

Wikihuffle Guest Episode

Last weekend, despite being full of flu, I managed to make my way to Wikishuffle HQ to record a couple of guest episodes for their amazing podcast.

I've been a fan of Wikishuffle since it began, and even before then when one of the hosts, Phillip Sharman, told me the idea for Wikishuffle long before it even hit the airwaves, and getting the chance to appear on the show was an awesome opportunity and a great day out.

Head on over to Wikishuffle on the link below to listen to the first of my guest episodes!

In my first episode I bring along two articles, the first of which was meant as a little fun at Phil's expense, but ended up backfiring on Jack and Ruth instead, whilst in the second one we take a look at one of the sillier conspiracy theory groups.


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