Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Kid Flash Revealed For Flash Season 3

During the final episodes of the second season of The Flash Wally West and Jessie Quick found themselves being bombarded with the same speedforce energies that gives Barry Allen his powers and makes him the Flash.  Despite this, neither one of them showed any signs of exhibiting speedster abilities before the season came to a close.

That seems to have changed going into season three, where Wally West will not only gain his powers, but will don the classic yellow and red costume of Kid Flash.

The CW have released the first images of Keiynan Lonsdale as his new superhero alter-ego as he will appear in the first episode of the new season, entitled 'Flashpoint'.  Following the events of the final episode Barry Allen travelled back in time and prevented the murder of his mother, an event that has massive, universe changing repercussions in the comic book world.

How these changes will play out in the upcoming season are yet to be seen, and there's no news as to if Wally will be Kid Flash all season or simply on a temporary basis due to the events of Flashpoint, either way though I can't wait to see him in action as he looks amazing.


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