Friday, 1 July 2016

Trans Woman Wins Unfair Dismissal Case

Transgender woman, Dakota Hemmingson, has won an unfair dismissal case and will be awarded $20,000 after being told to either stop her transition or be fired by her former employer.

Dakota worked in a barber shop in New Zealand but was told by her employer that if she wanted to retain her job she would have to cease her transition and present as male at work.  When she refused she was fired from her position.

The Employment Relations Authority have chosen to rule in Dakota's favour on this case and ruled that she was unfairly dismissed.  Media outlets are reporting the case as a landmark for New Zealand, with this case being the first of its kind.

Having previously posted on Facebook regarding the issue after her story broke Dakota has spoken in detail about the effect the event has had on her, even to the point of being close to suicide.

Speaking on the ruling Dakota has said, 'It's good to feel authentic and feel honest to myself.  It's just the beginning of something bigger and I'm so proud to be a part of this.

'Wow, just wow.  I can't express how grateful I am for all the support.  Getting here has been the hardest thing I'm still dealing with so much emotion but I want to say a few things.

'This is not only a win for the LGBT community and especially the transgender community.  This shows that we are protected from discrimination and transphobia in the workplace in New Zealand.

'The one main thing I wanted from this was to fight for everyone who never had the chance, everyone who had to settle and remain silent and for anyone who has ever faced discrimination.  We as the country of New Zealand have to take a stand together to show the world discrimination and hate will not win.

'We need to lead the way and make our voices heard.  For anyone going through anything of a similar value, or to anybody who faces inequality.  We are here for you, I am here for you.'


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