Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Orlando Shooting Protesters Arrested During Peaceful Rally

A group of protesters were arrested on Monday during a peaceful protest to honour the victims of the Orlando Pulse Massacre at the offices of Republican politician Marco Rubio.

The location of the protest was chosen due to lack of action taken to establish gun-safety laws or regulations on assault weapons following the deadly attack that claimed the lives of 49 members of the LGBT+ community, the largest mass killing of LGBT+ people since the events of the Holocaust.

The sit-in protest went on for close to ten hours, with participants handing out leaflets to building staff and visitors, reading the names of those who were killed and singing songs.  They also held a sign that read 'Sit-In For The 49'.

Despite Marco Rubio not being present at the time, currently being present in Washington, the group did meet with the state director, a meeting that lasted less than five minutes, hardly a fitting amount of time to discuss a situation such as this.

At 7pm, when the building tried to close for the day, protesters refused to leave and police officers were called to remove them.  Despite most protesters choosing to leave when asked to move on by police it has been reported that close to a dozen remained and attempted to block the buildings doorway.  Ten individuals were then arrested for refusing to leave private property.

At the time Orlando Police tweeted the following message, 'Orlando Police Department has no issue with peaceful protesters, but building is private property and owners want protesters removed.  We hope all remains peaceful.'

Following the incident a representative of Marco Rubio's office said that Mr Rubio 'respects the views of others on these difficult issues, and welcomes the continued input he is receiving from people across the political spectrum.'


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