Thursday, 12 May 2016

Transgender Labour Candidate Emily Brothers Runs For Parliamentary Seat

Now that the Labour Party's Sadiq Khan has been elected to the position of Mayor of London other politicians are lining up to take over his seat at Tooting.  One such candidate is transgender activist Emily Brothers.

Emily Bothers, who was born with Aniridia which has caused her blindness and hearing difficulties, has been an active campaigner for disability rights as well as LGBT+ issues.

'I would be honoured to represent the people of Tooting, picking up the baton from Sadiq Khan's achievements,' she told the press after confirming her candidacy.  'I love the diversity of South West London, so I'm really keen to help secure positive change for all local residents.

'I'm very worried by the impact Tory austerity is having on hard working families in Tooting, particularly those disadvantaged because of their disability or older age.  I want change, to turn people's anguish into aspiration, by contributing Labour's fight back.

I can make a difference - having a track record in campaigning for equality and with personal experience of disability and going through gender transition.  That demonstrates resilience - the kind of tenacity needed for this By-Election challenge and then holding the Tory Government to account so all Tooting residents are safe, better off and their housing and travel is more affordable.

'I want to reach out to everyone in Tooting , so we can build a better future together.  That means focusing on improving people's living standards, creating more opportunity in education and employment, providing effective public services and housing.'

Labour will select its candidate for the by-election this coming Saturday.


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