Monday, 23 May 2016

Man Charged With Raping His Trans Step-Daughter

A man in Australia has been charged with rape and incest after Victoria County Court heard evidence that he sexually abused his transgender step-daughter over the course of thirteen years.

The man began the prolonged period of rape in 2002 shortly after his then 19 year-old step-daughter had undergone gender realignment surgery.  The court heard that the man would repeatedly rape his step-daughter when her mother was out of the house and at church, reportedly assaulting her three or four times a week.

The victim told the court that the first time he assaulted her he told her 'I just can't help myself, you've become such a beautiful woman.'  She went on to outline that he even told her 'I know you've wanted this since your operation' before forcing himself on her.

The prosecutor John Livitsanos told the court that the man threatened to financially destroy the woman's mother if she ever tried to reveal what he was doing.  'He would tell the complainant she was his second wife and she should be happy because not many men would want to be with a woman like her - referring to the fact that she was transgender.'

The abuse only came to an end last year when the victim was able to record his abuse on her iPad, which was used as evidence in court.  When the man discovered the plan to record him it led to an altercation that left the woman beaten and bruised, though he was arrested later that day.

It is also being reported that when his wife discovered what was happening he screamed at her, stating 'Your daughter wants it.  She wants me to fuck her.'

The court proceedings are still currently ongoing.



  1. Sick piece of shit I hope he bloody suffers and rots in jail bless that poor girl xx

  2. Being beautiful is not an invitation for sex. Such a shame that just as she was at such a crucial stage, she became objectified in the worst way. If there was anyone worth praying to for her safety, rape wouldn't happen anyway. I can only hope she can pick up the pieces.

  3. SO it was his step son he raped after the son decided he was a female? So the husband had been lusting after the boy, then when the boy presented as a societal stereotype of a female, the man allowed his desire to manifest because he wouldn't be "gay". This is a hot mess in so many ways.

  4. No it wasn't his step-son you ignorant bigoted cunt. Piss off.