Monday, 9 May 2016

Target Stores Terrorised By Christian Preachers

Videos have started to appear on line of 'Christian' street preachers who are entering Target stores around America to harass staff and customers by protesting the company's LGBT+ inclusively and their stance on transgender people being allowed to use the facilities that match with their gender identity.

The incidents started following the company announcing that they will allow staff and customers to use the changing room and bathroom facilities that they are most comfortable with.  This follows an on line petition started by a 'Christian' hate group that has urged people to boycott the chain whilst also spreading misinformation that transgender and gender nonconforming people are a threat to women and children.

These preachers have begun appearing in target stores wearing luminous shirts covered in phrases such as 'repent or perish' and are walking through the stores carrying bibles whilst shouting religiously motivated abuse at people.

The preachers have called for customers to rethink their choice of shopping at Target as well as trying to embarrass those that work for the company and encourage them to quit.  They have said things such as 'The Bible says that that from the beginning God made male and female!  He didn't make transvestites!', 'If you are a homosexual or if you support homosexuals, shame on you!' and 'You people who are working here, shame on you.  Find another job!  Find another job!'

In all of the cases reported the preachers have been escorted out of the stores by staff whilst some members of the public have even stood up to them and shut down their abusive rhetoric by telling them that they are in the wrong themselves.  At least one of these incidents ended in the protester being arrested.

These so called 'Christians' are failing to grasp the messages of peace, tolerance and love that the Bible teaches, and are picking an choosing which 'laws' in the Bible they should obey in order to justify their stance of hate.  I'm pretty sure none of these preachers scream at people in the street for having tattoos or wearing clothing made of two fabrics, but then again, those are things they like, so they very quickly forget about those parts of the Bible.

These men may be preachers, but they certainly aren't 'Christians'.  True Christians would be trying to help the LGBT+ community, they would be welcoming people of all genders and sexualities into the church, not condemning people and spreading hate.

Target are doing a fine job of setting a good example on how to treat people, and are refusing to be bullied into practising hate by religious fanatics who act no better than terrorist extremists.


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  1. Someone needs to come up with a color of paint that represents hypocrisy.