Thursday, 19 May 2016

Supernatural 'All In The Family' Review

This review WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS, if you do not want certain plot points or story spoilt, please do not read further.

'I've never seen so much porn.  Not in one sitting.'

This week's episode picks up where last week's ended, with Sam and Dean coming face to face with God.  The first moments of the episode are played brilliantly, with Sam and Dean having very different, but very believable, reactions to discovering that Chuck is in fact God.

Sam is ecstatic at finally getting to meet God, after years of praying to him and having his view of the universe expanded by the discovery that angels exist he's getting to meet the biggest supernatural creature of them all (at least as far as we all know) and the creator of the entire universe.  He's full of hope that God has returned, and eager to quiz him in all kinds of areas.

Dean, on the other hand, takes things less than well.  Whilst Sam is pleased at God's return Dean is angry.  For once he tries not to show his anger, from fear of pissing off the most powerful thing in the universe, and this actually makes the scene a lot better.  Instead of raging and shouting Dean is teetering between anger and heartbreak and Jensen Ackles plays it brilliantly, tears and all.

Once these initial tense moments have passed the brothers end up with God essentially living with them in the bunker, complete with stealing Dean's robe, singing in the shower and marvelling at how much porn Dean has on his laptop.  It's an interesting dynamic for the episode, with Dean skirting between treating him like the old Chuck and him being worried about annoying God.

Elsewhere when Amara unleashes her fog on another town a new prophet, Professor Donatello Redfield, gets activated.  Surviving the effects of the fog Sam and Dean are led straight to Donatello, and once they realise that he is a prophet realise that they might be able to use him in their fight against Amara.

After being contacted by Metatron, Sam and Dean discover that God has a plan up his sleeve for taking on Amara, and it's not a good one.  Metatron tells them that God is planning on sacrificing himself to Amara and wants to make a deal with her, one that everyone knows she won't uphold.  Afraid that God is ready to throw in the towel he reluctantly agrees that he might be willing to change his mind about fighting her if the Winchesters are able to bring Lucifer on board.  

With some help from Metatron and Donatello, Sam is able to track down Lucifer's location and manages to free him whilst Dean distracts Amara.  Sam manages to get Lucifer to agree to work with God in the fight against Lucifer, but due to the extensive torture at the hands of Amara he doesn't have the power to teleport the four of them to safety.

In an unexpected moment Metatron steps up and sacrifices himself in order to buy the others the time they need to escape.  It's a move that I wasn't expecting to come from Metatron, but following his great performance in last week's episode and now this the character has come a long way to redeeming himself and his previous actions.  It's sad that the show is losing yet another recurring character, but at least his exit was handled in a good way.

By the end of the episode Lucifer is back in the bunker with God and the Winchesters, healed up and in an uneasy alliance to fight the Darkness.  There might not have been a lot of action in this episode, but there was a great deal of character and story development as the writers start to put the final pieces in place for the season finale.

'All In The Family' is a stage setting episode, one that is designed to put some of the last plot lines in place for the end of the season, but contains enough fun and interesting moments that it stays entertaining and engaging throughout and even has some laugh out loud jokes too.

With Lucifer and God working with the Winchesters in their fight against Amara, and possibly more allies yet to join the fight, season 11 is gearing up to be one of the biggest finales the show has had to date.


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