Sunday, 22 May 2016

Target CEO Speaks Out About Bathroom Backlash

The CEO of Target, Brian Cornell, has spoken out about the company's stand of transgender bathroom issues and the backlash they have received from Christian extremists.

Cornell has reaffirmed the company's stance on allowing trans people to use the facilities that best match their gender identity, saying that they would not back down despite threats of boycotts and protests within their stores.

During a television interview Cornell said that Target has had a long history of embracing diversity and inclusion.

'We took a stance.'  He said.  'We're going to continue to embrace our belief in diversity and inclusion, just how important that is to our company.  But we're also going to make sure our focus on safety is unwavering.  We want to make sure we provide a welcoming environment for all our guests.  One that is safe and is comfortable.'

He that the current backlash reminds him of the the criticism that Target received in the 1960's when they made the choice to feature black models in their advertisements.

'Back then, it wasn't well received.  We had a lot of tough feedback.  But sitting here today, we know we made the right decision.'

Despite the fact that Target has always had the policy of trans inclusion in place across all of its stores the issue only came about in mid-April when the company posted a statement about their bathrooms and changing rooms being open to transgender people following a number of enquiries about their bathroom policy following the introduction of HB2 in North Carolina.

The discovery that Target is inclusive of trans people ha resulted in the radical Christian extremists to call for a boycott of the retail chain in an Online petition that has already reached over 1 million signatures.  Some members for the Christian community have even taken to roaming around Target stores verbally abusing both staff and shoppers whilst quoting bible verse.

Thankfully Target are standing by their policy and refusing to back down in the face of terrorist actions, and have even gone on to encourage other chains such as Toys'R'Us and Barnes & Noble to adopt similar positions.



  1. As a married Christian woman of transgender experience, I thank you Target.

    And as a follower of Jesus, I am deeply ashamed of those who call themselves Christians and refuse to love as our Lord teaches us to do.

  2. The Christians who would do things like that all have the same fatal flaw "Too much preachin' not enough readin' " But fortunately that is not a flaw that runs through the entire religion :D

  3. The hatred is not just about religion it is about the hate and ignorance that religion screams at us every day. It is very rare to find a good minister, even more rare to find a good church that does not get lost in the propaganda of wealth, judgement and control.

    Many of the trans haters out there are not Christian, they are not religious in any way. They are simply ignorant and to them that is their bliss.

    What should be done for those who are harassing people in Target is, they should be arrested. I am all for bringing back stoning just for them!