Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Torchwood 'Adam' Review

Who, or what is Adam?

Torchwood has been infiltrated by an alien entity, Adam, that has the ability to alter peoples memories, and has convinced them that it is a part of the team.  Adam’s actions have dramatic effects on the members of the team, Gwen loses all memory of Rhys, Jack is haunted by the memories of his lost brother Gray, Toshiko becomes more confident and believes that she and Adam are in love, Owen has been transformed into a shy geeky version of himself that is madly in love with Toshiko.

After reading through his hand written note books Ianto realises that there is no record of Adam.  Adam confronts him and implants him with false memories, making him believe that he is a serial killer.
Adam forces Jack to relive his worst memories.
Jack finds a deeply distraught Ianto and the two of them search through the Torchwood files until they learn the truth about Adam. Jack realises that the only way that they can get rid of Adam and undo the changes that he has made to their personalities is by all of them taking amnesia pills.

‘Adam’ is one of the episodes from the second series of Torchwood and is a great character focused episode.  Where a number of other Torchwood episodes have focused on the action side of the show ‘Adam’ takes the time to look into the characters histories and personalities.  Despite having aspects of their personalities changed we get to see parts of the characters that we never normally see, that they do their best to guard.
Adam has some strange effects on the Torchwood Team.
This episode is very similar to the Torchwood novel ‘Border Princes’ by Dan Abnett, which also features an alien that has infiltrated Torchwood by altering the memories of the team.

A slower paced episode that takes the time to look at the Torchwood team and what makes them tick.  The episode gives each of the characters their own moment to shine and sets up a number of story threads that will continue to play out over the rest of the season.  7/10


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