Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Metal Gear Rising Demo Impressions

When Metal Gear Rising was first announced I was initially sceptical of the concept.  Then I replayed Metal Gear Solid 4 and saw cyborg ninja Raiden in action again and my initial doubts were replaced with excitement.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to play as Raiden now we’ve seen what he’ capable of?  What wouldn’t be amazing about killing Metal Gears with a samurai sword?

The first of the game footage came out and showed u that the game would let you cut anything and everything you could imagine.  The swordplay looked amazing and could actually make you feel like you could actually experience the coolness of being a cyborg ninja.
Then they released more footage and the game started to take a slightly different turn.  It suddenly struck me that the game looked more like Devil May Cry or Darksiders than any kind of Metal Gear game I had ever seen before.  My heart began to lowly sink and my excitement turned once again to scepticism and doubt.

However, today was the day that the first demo for Rising was released on Xbox Live.  Downloading it as quickly as I could and loaded it up.  Despite my misgivings I wanted to get a feel of the game, to see if my doubts were justified or not.

I still don’t know what to make of the game though.  It does feel a lot like Metal Gear Solid, but down to small things like the inclusion of the Codec, getting to fight the Gecko’s and certain sound effects.  Other than that the game just didn’t feel like a Metal Gear Solid game.  Maybe I’m just so used to sneaking around and avoiding enemies that the idea of fighting them intentionally just seems weird to me.
Despite the major differences in game play to other titles in the series I’m still holding out hope that the story will engaging enough to capture my imagination.  For me the best parts of the Metal Gear Solid series has been the amazing stories and characters that have been such a staple of the series.  Hopefully Rising will continue to uphold these traditions of story telling.

For now I’m still uncertain as to how the game will be outside of a demo, and a lot of what my opinion will be will be based upon how the story continues on from Metal Gear Solid 4 and how well it lives u to the legacy of its predecessors.  For now I’m going to go into rising with some fears, but some hope as well.


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