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Doctor Who 'Closing Time' Review

Craig looks on as the Doctor examines a Cybermat.

Nearly two hundred years have passed for the Doctor since he left Amy and Rory behind and started travelling on his own and is on a ‘farewell tour’ of his friends before he returns to Lake Silencio to face his death.  The doctor decides to visit his former ‘housemate’ Craig and notices some strange electrical disturbances in the area and decides to investigate.

The Doctor tracks the disturbances to a department store and gets a job there in order to investigate.  He end up meeting up with Craig a second time and Craig finds himself and his baby son drawn into the mystery. 

Discovering that the department store is built on the remains of a crashed Cybership the Doctor and Craig must find a way of stopping the last few remaining Cybermen before they find a way to attack the surface world.
The Doctor is captured by the Cybermen.
‘Closing Time’ is the last episode leading to the final episode of series six and the Doctors confrontation with the Silence and his potential death.  However, it feels like a waste of an episode.  I can’t help but feel that there should have been something special in this penultimate spot, instead we get a silly and dull story that once again makes the Cybermen look awful.

Having the Doctor run around a department store whilst his comedy side kick gets mistaken for a pervert, then his boyfriend is almost embarrassing to watch.  Plus the Cybermen get blow up by love.  Blown up by love?  What in holy hell is going on?

The only good pieces in this episode are the return of the Cybermats, though I can’t help but think they were included just for merchandising and producing the hot new Doctor Who toy that Christmas and the final scene featuring River Song and the Silence.  In this final scene we see a young River, having only met the Doctor once at this point, searching for information about him when she is captured by Madame Kovarian and the Silence and forced into the space suit, ready to kill the Doctor.
River is made ready to kill the Doctor.
This final scene was what the whole episode should have been, a dramatic build up to the big finale, instead we get silly comedy and some of the worst Cybermen to date.  A  massive disappointment.  4/10


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