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Power Rangers Ninja Steel – Who’s Who in Season 1?

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The latest incarnation of the Power Rangers universe, Ninja Steel, is currently halfway through its first season.

We’ll be reviewing the season and looking at the show in more depth, but before we do, we thought for those of you unfamiliar, we’d give you an idea of Who’s Who in the show…

Brody Romero / Red Ninja Steel Ranger (William Shewfelt)

Ten years before the events of the series, Brody was kidnapped by the villainous Galvanax after his father Dane, a ninja master, vanished stopping Galvanax from obtaining the Ninja Nexus Prism.

Raised on board Galvanax’s ship, the Warrior Dome, as a slave, Brody escaped with his friends Mick and Redbot when he learnt that Galvanax was returning to Earth in order to obtain the mysterious ninja steel. Having been imbued with powers from the Ninja Nexus Prism, Brody leads the team as the Red Ranger.

Sarah Thompson / Pink Ninja Steel Ranger (Chrysti Ane)

A new student at Summer Cover High, Sarah is a mechanical genius, and the brains of the team. Addicted to speed, Sarah created her own super powered hoverboard (one that actually hovers, not the ones you can get in the shops).

She can get carried away a times and find herself becoming too focused on her end goals, but is always willing put her abilities to use to help the team and provide them with their latest gadgets.

Preston Tien / Blue Ninja Steel Ranger (Peter Sudarso)

The son of a wealthy businessman in Summer Cove, Preston recently lost his mother. Kindhearted and loyal to his friends, Preston loves magic and to entertain people.

Since obtaining his Ranger powers from the Ninja Nexus Prism he has also developed the ability to perform real magic, though only to help others.

Hayley Foster / White Ninja Steel Ranger (Zoe Robins)

Hayley is an adventurous young woman who loves the outdoors and nature, something that is reflected in her love of nature.

Hayley has a pet siberian husky called Kody, and is in a relationship with Calvin, the Yellow Ranger.

Calvin Maxwell / Yellow Ninja Steel Ranger (Nico Greetham)

Calvin is the team mechanic, having created the Mega Morph Cycles. Despite being afraid to drive thanks to an accident in his youth, Calvin eventually overcame his fear.

Calvin is in a relationship with Hayley, the White Ranger; the two of them being the first Rangers to be in a relationship before receiving their powers.

Levi Weston / Aiden Romero / Gold Ninja Steel Ranger (Jordi Webber)

Levi Weston joined the Ninja Steel Rangers later than the rest of the team, having been captured by the villain Madame Odius upon receiving his powers. A famous country singer, however, he cancelled his world tour and enrolled in Summer Cove High to be with the Rangers and help them with their mission.

Some time after joining the team, the Rangers learnt that Madam Odius had actually tampered with Levi’s memories, and that he was in fact Aiden, Brody’s brother. Having hidden the Ninja Steel and gone into hiding under the identity of Levi, Aiden now serves alongside his brother as a Ranger.

Mick Kanic (Kelson Henderson)

A shapeshifting alien on board Galvanax’s ship, Mick made friends with the young Brody and took care of his, raising him to the young man he is today.

Escaping to Earth with Brody and Redbot, Mick now poses as a shop teacher at Summer Cove High, where he assists the Rangers and forges new Ninja Stars for the Rangers, unlocking new powers and abilities for the team.

Redbot (the voice of Byron Coll)

Redbot is Brody’s friend from the Warrior Dome, Redbot fled to Earth with Brody and Mick.

Living at the Ranger’s secret base, he lends moral support to the team and has become a close and valuable friend to the Rangers.

Princess Viera (Ruby Love)

A member of the royal family of the Lion Galaxy, Viera travelled to Earth to challenge the Rangers to prove her strength. Upon learning that the Rangers were in fact heroes Viera learnt that kindness is more powerful than strength.

Now an ally of the Rangers, she lends her ship to them to become the massive Lion Fire Zord.

Dane Romero (Mike Edward)

Brody and Aiden’s father, Dane is the world’s greatest ninja. When the Ninja Nexus Prism landed outside his home he managed to unlock its abilities and became the first Red Ninja Steel Ranger.

When Galvanax arrived to take the Ninja Nexus Prism and claim its powers Dane battled the villain, preventing him from taking the power, but was lost in the process. His whereabouts, and what happened to him is currently unknown.

Galvanax (the voice of Richard Simpson)

The reigning champion, and producer, of the Galaxy Warriors show.

Obsessed with unlocking the powers of the Ninja Nexus Prism, Galvanax sends contestants from across the universe to challenge the Rangers in order to take their powers so that he can rule the universe.

Madame Odius (the voice of Jacque Drew)

The personal adviser to Galvanax, Madam Odius is incredibly deceitful, with a network of spies across the galaxy.

Despite appearing to assist Galvanax, Odius has plans of her own, having previously held the Gold Ninja Steel Ranger prisoner for her own schemes without Galxana’s knowledge.

Ripcon (the voice of Campbell Cooley)

The second in command to Galvanax, Ripcon was the monster that took Brody prisoner ten years ago, and has been tormenting the young man ever since. After Brody fled the Warrior Dome and became a Power Ranger the animosity between the two grew, with the pair engaging in several duels.

Ripcon was eventually defeated by the Rangers when they combined their two Mega-Zords.

Cosmo Royale (the voice of Campbell Cooley)

The host of Galaxy Warriors, Cosom Royale is responsible for sending monsters after the Rangers, and for making the monsters grow to huge proportions using the gigantification ray.

Cosmo appears to care little about beating the Rangers or obtaining the Ninja Nexus Prism and their powers, but rather on getting good ratings.

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