Tuesday, 3 October 2017

New UKIP Leader Has Stated That LGBT+ Equality Has Gone 'Too Far'

The new UK Independence Party leader, Henry Bolton, has spoken out against LGBT+ equality shortly after winning his leadership position, claiming that children are being 'encouraged' to question their sexuality.

Henry Bolton, a former soldier and police officer, was announced as the new UKIP leader, the fourth leader of the party within the last 18 months, on Friday 29th September. Speaking at a press conference following the announcement, he said that LGBT+ equality had gone 'a bit far'.

'Quite honestly, I think it is getting a bit far when we are encouraging children in some cases to question their own sexuality.' He said at the conference. 'I think that is certainly going too far.'

Henry Bolton would also go on to complain that cisgender people do not have a chance to debate transgender rights.

'What I have a problem with is that we should all have a choice in that debate. If somebody feels that it has gone too far they should be free to express that concern.'

He went on to claim that there is 'an effort to silence any dissenting voice' in discussions of LGBT+ rights, which he feels is not keeping with 'the principle of freedom of speech'.

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  1. What a loser. Who said he can't say what he just said? How come I, literally on the other side of the planet, can read what he said? It seems to me he has plenty of freedom of speech.

    This is what bullies do. They claim the ones being oppressed are the bullies.

  2. Running on old style hate politics on his way to hell and damnation, its so nice being better human beings than these people. Their party has hurt lots of LGBT++ and families knowing full well the results. They could all drop dead and what a better world we would wake up to, that's honesty.

  3. He is totally correct- anyone even lgbt people who don’t go along with the mainstream are treated like nazis. People should be allowed free speech to debate and ask questions about what’s going one,not silence with liberal crap.children are brainwashed in schools and in multi media with the highly sexualised mentality of the militant lgbt circle and the government

  4. Can you provide some kind of evidence for this 'brainwashing' that happens to children in schools, as this seems to be something that I've yet to see actual proof of?

    Also, with the prevalence of straight sex in film, television, and the amount of pornography produced for the straight market I'll believe that you'll find that the straight community has a much more 'sexualised mentality' than the LGBT+ community. But then I guess that doesn't match the agenda you have in mind.