Sunday, 29 October 2017

Daily Mail Uses Trans Man's Photos Without Permission To Attack Trans Community

The right wing tabloid The Daily Mail has used the photographs of a transgender man without obtaining his permission in an article aimed at attacking the transgender community and trans rights.

Alex Bertie, a rans rights activist and YouTuber shared his outrage at the incident on his social media accounts on Sunday 29th October following the discovery of the theft of his images, and their use at attacking the community that he has worked hard to help.

The article, entitled 'NHS Pressured Our Kids To Change Sex', in which the tabloid's writers claim that transgender teenagers are being 'brainwashed' by social media sites and allowed by the NHS to transition without proper vetting. The article claims that parents of trans teens are 'terrified' to complain through fear of backlash from trans activist and being labelled as bigots.

Alex's photos, showing the progression of his transition, were used alongside the first line of the article, 'Transgender backlash as desperate parents accuse overzealous therapists of 'blindly accepting' children's claims to have been born in the wrong body'.

The Daily Mail has yet to respond to Alex's outrage at the theft of his images, and the anger of them being used in an article designed to attack the trans community.

Unfortunately, The Daily Mail has a long history of attacking the transgender community, and the LGBT+ community as a whole. The tabloid recently attacked the NHS for allowing trans people to freeze their sperm and eggs before transition (a service that is paid for by the patient, not the NHS), as well as complaining about the National Trust attempting to include more LGBT+ history.

The Daily Mail were also found to be responsible for the media onslaught that terrorised the transgender teacher Lucy Meadows, who took her own life following the tabloids campaign to ruin her career.

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