Monday, 2 September 2013

Should Supernatural Have Ended With Season 5?

First of all I think that it’s important that I start this article by stating that I’m a fan of the show, and really enjoy seasons 6 onwards.  This isn’t somewhere where I’m just going to be tearing apart the last three years of the show, it’s going to try and be a fairly reasonable thought out question.

Having read through a number of interviews and behind the scenes articles it’s become very clear that Eric Kripke, the former show runner, had a very clear plan in mind from the very start of the show and that the culmination of the apocalypse story arc was his endgame.

If the show had ended we'd have had less Crowley...
Throughout the fifth season it becomes increasingly clearer that many of the plot elements of previous seasons were in place to lead up to this point, as we saw in the season four finale where it was revealed that the original villain Azazel, or ‘yellow eyes’, and season three and four villain Lilith were not only connected, but were all working towards the rise of Lucifer.

The fact that Kripke left at the end of season five further reinforces the idea that the show could have come to an end at that point.  Much of that final episode was even made in such a way that it felt like an ending, from Chuck’s beautiful narration of the Impala to the montage as Sam remembers all of the good times he had with his brother.  The show had a natural conclusion at that point, even with the revelation in the final moments that Sam escaped the prison.

....or the deepening of the mythology and introduction of
the Leviathans.
On the other hand, however, we’ve had some great story lines since season five and some massive additions to the shows mythology, such as Purgatory and the Leviathans.  Some of the shows best episodes came after season five.  ‘A Weekend at Bobby’s’ and ‘The French Mistake’ are prime examples of the show at it’s greatest.

Despite some of these additions and some stand out episodes the quality just hasn’t felt the same since season five, the stakes just not quite as high.  I’m still enjoying the show and I’m definitely intrigued to see what direction they’re going to take after the shocking conclusion to season eight, but I’m still hoping that the show picks up in quality just a little bit.

With the main stars signed up until season ten I’m and the game changing end of season eight I’m hoping that the creative team has another big plan in mind, and when the time finally does come for the show to come to its conclusion it better be epic!


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  1. I think it's a tricky question. The show COULD have ended at season five and not been subject to whining about a lack of closure - it's a beautiful season finale and if I'd been a fan then I wouldn't have bitched if that had been the end of it, but I think for the most part the quality hasn't suffered since Kripke has gone on to new things - personally I love how they've expanded the mythology and kept the viewers surprised and entertained, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what the writers do with Season nine. I just hope it continues to be just as great until the end rather than losing its way and stuttering to a halt as some shows seem to do. Great post :)


  2. I am glad it hasn't ended just my fav show since the start i don't watch tv unless it's Supernatural and one other now. Yes they could have ended it but i am glad they didn't. I feel season 9 will be the best yet the way 8 ended and can't wait but I see where ur coming from. CRYSTAL