Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Refusing Hormone Blockers to Those in Need

Leo Waddell and his mother Hayley.
I’ve just read an article about a young trans boy called Leo that has been refused hormones blockers to halt the onset of puberty.  The article outline how the family doctor refused to issue the important medication as she was unsure how the drugs would effect Leo later in life.  Leo is quite understandably devastated by the decision and is searching out other doctors who will prescribe the hormone blockers.

This article had me thinking though, I wished that I’d known I was trans when I was that young and could have had the chance to take hormone blockers.

I hate the way I am right now, my body disgusts and upsets me.  And it’s not just because it’s male instead of female.  It’s because of the effects that puberty and testosterone had on me.  I’m too tall, my shoulders too broad, my hands and feet are too big, my voice is too deep, my body too hairy and my head too bald.

I’m not inn a good position to start transitioning from, the results won’t be good.  I’ve seen people that have had luckier puberties and transitioned well, and those that got to start transitioning so young that they received the blockers and I can’t help but feel incredibly jealous about it.

Denying Leo these important drugs could have devastating consequences for him.  It’s not just a bad decision to deny him the medication, it’s down right cruel.


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  1. I agree. We're finally entering a more open-minded time, and yet so many people are still being denied the things they need. I especially don't understand why Leo's being denied the hormone blockers. I could possibly understand if it was Testosterone or surgery, but the hormone blockers are reversible! If he later decides that actually he is comfortable with his body and wants to go back to being a girl, he can just stop taking the hormone blockers and female puberty will start. And if he stays as a boy, he won't have had to endure the agony of going through the wrong type of puberty. There's no downside to him taking them. So why are they being denied?
    Good post, thanks.