Monday, 26 November 2012

Transition Has Finally Started Moving Forward!

Over six months ago I had my last session with my counsellor, who signed off on me being Trans and not just crazy, and my GP made me a referral to the gender clinic in London.  During this six months period I have been waiting and waiting for my referral letter, I’ve been phoning the clinic every week, I’ve been back to my GP and had him write to them to try and get some sort of answer from them.  All I want is a date for my appointment, I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a timeframe after waiting for six months!

Today though, things have started to change.  After phoning them up, for probably the fiftieth time, they finally gave me some information.  It’s finally my turn!  The person in charge is applying for my funding, for which I should get a letter in the next two weeks, and once the funding comes through I’ll be getting my appointment!

I know it’s not much but something’s finally started to happen, things are moving forward, no matter how little.  It’s not much information but it already feels like a weight has been lifted and I’m relieved and happy.  I’m not being ignored, things have started!!!

Sorry that this post doesn’t have much to it, but I’m just really happy at the minute about what’s going on for me.


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