Tuesday, 8 August 2017

UKIP Leader Candidate To Oppose 'Militant Transgender Activism'

David Kurten, one of the candidates to take over from Paul Nuttall as leader of the UK Independence Party, and one of only two of the parties elected members of the London Assembly, has said that he will oppose the transgender community if he becomes the party leader.

The party has had a long history of opposing LGBT+ rights, and despite forming their own 'LGBT in UKIP' group still speak out against the LGBT+ community on many occasions. The party even has a number of known, public homophobes within their party standing for election.

Kurten, however, has taken this stance a step further by vowing to boost the party's opposition to the transgender community, to stand against transgender rights, and to fight against LGBT-inclusive sex education in schools.

Speaking in an interview with Buzzfeed, Kurten has said that he wants UKIP to take advantage of the Conservative Party making steps to 'start pushing gender queer theory on primary schools'.

'People don't want their children to be confused by this kind of thing.' He said. 'I will take UKIP in the direction of standing against the militant transgender activism that's happening at the moment.'

Kurten has a history of opposing LGBT+ sex education, having previously stated that the government should ban the teaching of 'non-reproductive sexual acts' within schools, which would effectively ban any education on same sex relationships.

'We must protect our children from damaging and confusing fringe ideologies which sexualise children at an early age and confuse their natural development as boys and girls - both primary, secondary and even pre-school.

'No one would have thought 10 years ago that it would ever be politically incorrect to call children boys and girls, to call parents mothers or fathers, or if you say that there are two biological sexes determined by your chromosomes rather than 40 or 50 or 60 different genders then this is on the way to being considered a hate crime. Of course it isn't. It's science.'

David Kurten is currently running against several candidates for leadership of the party, including Jonathan Rees-Evans, who claimed that a gay donkey raped his horse.

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