Sunday, 6 August 2017

New Lycanroc Form Revealed For Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

The Pokemon Company have just revealed a brand new form of Lycanroc for the upcoming Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon games, after much fan speculation that a new evolution would be featured in the anime series.

The new form has been called the Dusk Form, and marks the third possible evolution of Rockruff, with both Midday and Midnight forms being available in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon respectively.

The new form of Lycanroc appears to be a combination of the previous two forms, with the basic shape of the Midday Form but some of the shaggier fur of the Midnight Form. The colour of the Pokemon is also a midpoint between the light shades of the Midday Form and the deep reds of the Midnight Form.

The Pokemon Company have also said that you can't obtain the new Dusk Form by discovering it in the wild, but have yet to clarify how to obtain the new Pokemon. No information has also been released as to the typing of the new Lycanroc, or any signature Abilities.

Whilst nothing has yet been confirmed fans are still speculating that a possible fourth form may be revealed, a Dawn Form, that will share more physical traits with the Midnight Form.

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Pokemon Ultra Moon will be released on October 17th.

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