Thursday, 21 April 2016

Youtuber Joey Salads Performs Transphobic 'Social Experiment'

A Youtube 'personality' called Joey Salads has caused controversy online following a 'social experiment', in which he dons a bad blonde wig and women's clothing and attempts to enter public bathrooms in an attempt to prove that anti-trans bathroom laws are needed.

Salads begins his video by stating that he has spoken to a friend of his who is transgender who tells him that gender and physical sex is a social construct that has nothing to do with biology, genetics or chromosomes.  He then immediately states that he has spoken with a doctor who has said the opposite.

He then goes on to say that with the help of his friend he will 'dress and act as a transgender' and will try to enter a female restroom to see what happens.  He claims that his transgender friend has told him how to dress and act, which appears to consist of a terrible wig that is not even neat or fitted, no makeup and a beard and walking around with his legs spread wide and rubbing his crotch, and that it is 'transgender approved'.

Salads then proceeds to conduct his 'social experiment' and proceeds to follow women into a public restroom as they enter.

As to be expected he received a lot negative reactions, and was shouted at by a number of women who demanded that he leave.  He did include one example of someone being okay with the idea of sharing the bathroom with a trans woman though.

At the end of the video Salads claims that his video is proof that 'most women are not comfortable sharing a bathroom with trans people' and calls for an alternate solution to be found other than allowing trans people to use the bathrooms that correspond with their gender identities.

Even if you discount the possibility that the whole video may be faked, and that the people reacting to him are in on things and acting in just the way he wanted them to, which considering the way some of the people speak could very well be a possibility, this does not represent anything close to a real experiment.

Joey Salads is not a trans person, he does not look or act like a trans person in this video, he goes out of his way to look and act like an offensive and gross caricature of what people with no education on the subject think that trans people are like.  It is crass, offensive and serves no purpose other than pushing a closed minded and bigoted agenda to deny trans people equal rights.

This video and those who have supported it in the comments section is disgusting.  And as a trans person I can assure you that this is in no way 'trans approved'.  If Joey Salads has a trans friend, which I doubt, their one opinion does not speak for the whole community, and I can assure you that almost all trans people will condemn this 'experiment' and Salads' appearance and actions.



  1. I agree,hes not a trans woman,he is simply a man wearing a wig and in state of deliberate caricature, which is not what trans women arr

  2. As a trans man, I believe this guy should wear his disguise and use the men's bathrooms, see what men think about it.