Monday, 25 April 2016

Fox News Doctor Suggests Torturing Trans Children

Fox News medical 'expert' Dr. Keith Ablow appeared on Fox and Friends today to talk about transgender children, going so far as suggesting extremely abusive treatments for trans kids that borders on torture.

When talking about the anti-trans bathroom bills and the petition to boycott Target thousands of people have made following their policy of allowing transgender people to use the bathrooms of the gender that they identify with Ablow suggested treating transgender children with the hormones of the gender they were assigned at birth.

He also went on to suggest that transgender people only exist because of people being too afraid of political correctness to say otherwise, as well as comparing being transgender to claiming to be 65 in order to receive Medicare.

'Here's the bottom line.'  He said.  'The reason that the bathroom bill is centre stage in the presidential campaign and now in a national boycott that's up to about 500,000 people is because it represents more than bathrooms.  We're not just talking about who is going to use which restroom.  We're talking about whether closely held opinion of an individual will be allowed to overcome scientific data and history.

'Right, so if you believe that you are of one gender, but your DNA and your physical appearance and your physical anatomy are evidence of another gender, and there's that conflict, then if we allow people culturally to dictate terms in our culture, then we are also by extension may be in a position where we allow people to say that they are 65  when they're 45 and get Medicare, allow people to get tattooed head-to-foot and say I'm a black person.

'Now would that be offencive to black people, if that person got affirmative action preferences at school?  I think it might.  Why?  Because there's history.  There's culture, there's reality.  This is the leading edge.  Some would argue, I might, of unravelling our culture and perhaps our ability to plan for the future as a species.'

When the presenters asked him how he thought society had reached this point he replied; 'We got to this place because we care about people.  Okay, I understand that.  We're also too politically correct.  But look, there's not a lot of scientific evidence that it's better to approach transgender youth with the opposite hormone because we inject them with massive doses of testosterone if they're female to say look, we'll make you more comfortable with your chosen gender.

'You know, we don't even explore, should it be more estrogen?  Should we go with nature and say maybe we'll make you more female, more comfortable?  There aren't these explorations.  We don't treat with psychiatric medicines by and large to say maybe this is a bit of a fixed or false belief.  Not different than if you thought you were a black person when you are a Caucasian.  The science isn't even there.  So if we have a draft, God forbid, are we really prepared for 18-year-olds and 20-year-olds to assert that they are really more like 12-year-olds?  They feel it.  They're immature.  Their whole families have said look, much too immature to be drafted.  That's where we're headed.  Do we want to head there?'

Ablow's assertion that no other exploration to treatments for trans children have been explored other than puberty blockers and hormone replacement is ridiculous to the point of being a blatant lie.  The idea he suggested that the best way to treat transgender children is to give them more oestrogen to trans males and more testosterone to trans females is so akin to conversion therapy that it borders on torturous.

Trans people suffer because their bodies get flooded with the wrong hormones, because they go through the wrong puberty and they change in ways that cause them pain and discomfort.  Giving transgender children, or trans people of any age, more of the hormones that are causing them this pain is only going to intensify this.

Ablow's suggestions closely mirror practises from the 1940's, where gay men were forcibly given testosterone injections, and lesbians given oestrogen in an effort to 'cure' them of being gay, to bring their sexuality into line with heterosexual people.  These kind of 'procedures' have been rejected by mainstream medical practitioners for decades and it should be no different for transgender children.

It's worth noting that Ablow has a history of attacking transgender children with extreme, inaccurate claims.  Many experts and reports contradict the 'expert' advice that Ablow gives, with many agreeing that forcing transgender children to act in more gender-conforming ways is incredibly damaging and increases the levels of depression, self harm and suicide in trans youth.



  1. Got it backwards as far as beliefs overriding science; see, it's old-fashioned beliefs that target trans people and the science backing them up. Any decent research into biology and genetics will demonstrate that the human animal is WAY too complex to accurately define by a single chromosome or an external scrap of flesh. And the psychology, the brain chemistry and structure? We're barely learning to understand it.

    All this anti-trans talk stems from ignorance rooted in tradition, that's all. But history shows us that being outcast or labeled a heretic for disagreeing with the establishment isn't a reliable way to determine who's right or wrong.

    The Earth isn't flat, it's not the center of the universe, witches don't cause diseases, and transgenderism and homosexuality are natural and normal (if relatively uncommon) factors of humanity that predate history.

  2. #transgenocide But since they can't kill us directly and they are too cowardly to get blood on their hands, they want to try to erase our existence (again) and have us kill ourselves.

  3. When I was six, I told my mother that I wanted to be like the OTHER GIRLS.

    Her therapist wanted to treat me, a six year old child, with daily electroshock and daily aversion therapy that included terror inducing drugs, electric shocks to the genitalia, for NINETY DAYS IN A ROW.

    He told her that I had a 20% chance of recovery, and if two or three courses of this did not work, they would have to give me a LOBOTOMY to keep me from killing myself.

    This was in 1962.

  4. "much too immature to be drafted. That's where we're headed."

    Didn't anyone tell him the Draft ended after 'Nam?

    1. Plus of course someone who *did* have the mental age of a twelve year old probably wouldn't be drafted anyway

    2. Plus of course someone who *did* have the mental age of a twelve year old probably wouldn't be drafted anyway

  5. The full picture is there has never been a problem with this till now. We have been using the bathrooms with which we identify for as long as we've had bathrooms. Never any instances of what these bills are portraying to happen have ever happened. Why now do we need them? We've been peeing with you folks all along.

  6. If the choice was between being forced to take the wrong hormone, in this case testosterone, or death, I would gladly choose death.

  7. All we are saying, is give pee a chance.

  8. That this quack is given a megaphone only demonstrates the utter lack of sanity at Faux News.

  9. He's a quack. A faux and I put this lightly "news" ah choke, Quack!!!

  10. He's a quack. A faux and I put this lightly "news" ah choke, Quack!!!