Sunday, 3 April 2016

New Miss Transgender UK Crowned

A new Miss Transgender UK 2015 has been crowned at a ceremony that was held in Cardiff last Friday, following the original winner being stripped of her title by the event organiser.

Daisy Bell, 41, was the first runner up in the competition that was held in September last year.  The original winner, Jai Dara Latto was stripped of her title when the event organiser saw footage of her from the BBC3 Miss Transgender UK documentary that showed Jai going to the gym in boxer shorts and a t-shirt.

The organiser of the event, Rachel Bailey, claimed that the footage showed that Jai was not transgender, but branded her as a drag queen.  She complained that because Jai was wearing boxer shorts she was not female 'full time' and that she wasn't 'trans enough'.

Daisy, the new winner, was informed about the decision to crown her as the winner whilst she was out of the country on holiday.

'I am very excited and pleased to be the new winner of Miss Transgender UK.'  She said.  'I was on holiday in Tenerife when I got the message to say I would be recrowned.

'Since I was a child I've known I wanted to be a full woman.

'The support from my family was important, especially from my mum who was very supportive.'

Rachel Bailey released a statement to say that Jai had been informed about her disqualification, but she has as of yet not commented on controversial nature of the disqualification.



  1. I am sad they feel a girl has to be in a certain style of clothe 24/7 to be a real transgender girl?

    1. I agree! I hardly wear skirts or dresses, does that mean I am not trans enough!!!I am sure this type of publicity is not good for our supposed community!!