Monday, 18 January 2016

Two Transgender Women Stoned in The Streets in Germany

Two transgender women have reportedly been stoned whilst walking in the street in Dortmund, Germany, simply for being trans.

The two victims, only identified as Elisa, 37, and Yasmine, 50, told police how three teenagers grabbed their hair and breasts and attacked them.

'Within seconds they were pushing us around.  It was only then that I realised what they were saying, 'You sluts need to be stoned!''  Elisa told Sat1 TV at the weekend.  'And that's what they did, they grabbed gravel from the ground and threw it at us.

'Before that they tried hitting on us.  For them, that's okay, but when they realised that we were transgender they felt their honour was hurt.  That's why they snapped.'

According to police reports of the incident, the two women were followed by the three men, aged between 16 and 18, for some time before the trio began insulting the women in Arabic, saying 'such people should be stoned to death'.

The report also states that Yasmine responded to the insults, which resulted in the men grabbing rocks from the ground and throwing them at the women.

The group also pulled on the women's hair, and even sexually assaulting them by grabbing and groping their breasts.  The attack only ended when police arrived at the scene.

The passing police car stopped at the scene of the attack and arrested them.  Two of them have been described by the police as 'well kown multiple offenders'.  Two of the men were released, but the eldest has remained in custody.


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