Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Steve Rogers To Return As Captain America

Marvel comics have announced that original Captain America Steve Rogers will be returning to the role this summer after a year of absence from the role.

In a move that many fans could see coming, due to the release of a new Captain America film this year, Steve Rogers will once again wield the shield as Captain America.  The character will star in a new ongoing series called 'Captain America: Steve Rogers', and will come with the creative team of Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz.

After losing the super soldier serum that gave Steve his powers and extended youth and vitality Steve aged rapidly, causing him to give up his identity of Captain America, though he did remain active within the super hero community behind the scenes.  The mantle of Captain America was passed to the former Falcon, Sam Wilson.

Marvel are stating that Sam will remain in the role of Captain America, and will keep the iconic shield, resulting in two Captain Americas in the Marvel Universe.

'When Steve handed the shield to Sam, it didn't come with any caveats,' Marvel said.  'It's his.  Steve respects and admires what his old partner is doing, and wants him to carry on.  There are enough problems out there, and enough bad guys, to keep them both busy.  They'll have different missions, Sam will fight the battles no one else will go near, while Steve is faced with a resurgent threat from his past, Hydra is back, and stronger than ever.'

With two Captain America's and the shield remaining with Sam, Steve finds himself in possession of a new shield.  The new shield is reminiscent of his original world war two shield and has been designed by 'Captain America: Sam Wilson' artist Daniel Acuna.

'It's shape is similar to the original shield Cap had back in the 1940's, the pointy one, but this one has two main innovations; its tip can be deployed as an energy blade so Cap can cut into things, and the shield can be divided into two, so Steve can use both halves, one on each arm.'  Jesus Saiz said.

Fans are excited to both see the return of Steve to the role and to see two very different and unique versions of Captain America.


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