Monday, 24 August 2015

US Marine Admits Choking Trans Woman to Death

United States Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton, who was stationed near Manila in the Philipenes, admitted during his trial that he choked transgedner woman Jennifer Laude to death after he found out that she was trans.

Posting on Twitter, the lawyer for the victim, Harry Roque, said that 'he restrained Jennifer through an arm lock until she stopped moving'.

Roque has stated that Pemberton has justified his actions by claiming that he feared being raped when he discovered Laude was transgender, so choked her to death out of 'self defence'.

Pembertons mother spoke in court last week, stating that her son's a 'good character' and that he does not discriminate against the LGBT+ community.

The case is currently ongoing.

It is currently unclear if Pemberton's defence will pay off for him, but it's a sad statistic that in many parts of the world, and even all but one state in America, trans panic is a viable defence for the murder of transgender women.

As ridiculous as 'I was scared she would rape me so I murdered her' is as a defence, many courts around the world have let murderers walk free using this very same defence. 


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